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Welcome To Overtone Acoustics

Welcome to Overtone Acoustics - your destination for high quality acoustic treatment products, helpful knowledge about sound, and exclusive tips on how to get your space sounding its best. You'll find an assortment of acoustic panels, bass traps, and sound diffusers all designed around todays environment. In addition, we have product reviews, video demonstrations, informative articles, and a top notch customer support team standing by to help with any questions you may have. Our company is made up of passionate sound enthusiasts who hope to use their expertise to help transform the sound in your space. We're happy you stopped by, join our mailing list and let's keep in touch!

About Us

Overtone Acoustics makes your install clean and easy by including step by step instructions and free mounting hardware. Other acoustic treatment options leave you stuck using glue products that can cause permanent wall damage; our panels hang as easy as a picture.

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